Honour Based Violence

Honour Based Violence
Honour Based Violence (HBV) is just being recognised as happening in England. HBV has nothing to do with honour, but is about controlling behaviour of women, and maintaining family traditions. HBV is not condoned by any religion. It can be used to harm or kill people who are not meeting the requirements of the family. HBV can be carried out by members of the immediate family, wider family or members of the community. It is seen as an acceptable way of cleansing families from shame. Women subjected to HBV are often in extreme danger, and may need urgent help to get away from the community they are in. Trusting people can be extremely dangerous, as so called “honour” can be so important that prison is preferable to “honour” being damaged. Families and communities may collude to silence the HBV.

Karma Nirvana “Honour hotline” 0800 5999247
Government Equalities Office
Forced Marriage Unit

Southall Black Sisters

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