Stalking & Trolling


Stalking can be following someone, following what they do, checking up on where they go, what they do – on line, text, financial transactions, setting a phone/blackberry to know where they are, taking pictures, etc.

Stalking is an area that is of interest to Theresa May, and there are likely to be changes to the law.

Stalking can happen to anyone, but is often used to unsettle women, to control them, and may be used for sexual assault.

It is very unnerving in it‘s mildest forms but at it’s worst can be deadly.




Trolling is the process used by some and is often conducted as a form of on-line, often seemingly anonymous, abuse and bullying.  It is often in the form of threats of rape and violence, occasionally death threats towards the victim.  It is designed to intimidate the victim, and often silence them.  It can be extremely distressing, and can be linked to stalking.

Cyber crime

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