Justice for Jane

Jane Clough was a nurse and a young mum who in July 2010, became another dv statistic. (2 women die each week in the UK as a result of domestic violence).

Jane fell in love very quickly with ambulance technician Jonathan Vass. She became pregnant and he became violent…. a common point for dv offenders to start their abuse.

Jane reported Vass to the police for multiple rapes and sexual assaults. The case went to Crown Court initially and there Vass was bailed. This was in spite of requests from the police and CPS, that he was not released. Jane lived in fear of her life, for many months she hid away, but then decided not to let herself be intimidated by him.

Jane returned to work as an A and E nurse, working on the night shift. Vass discovered she was working and went to the hospital she was working at. He waited for her and one night he attacked her stabbing her repeatedly. Jane’s injuries were so severe her colleagues didn’t recognise her.

When Vass was sentenced, at the last moment all the rape charges were dropped against him. He is not classed as a sex offender.

Jane’s family are now campaiging to change the law. Initially they want to change the law on bail, and their local MP Andrew Stephenson has put forward an amendment to the Bail act. There is a petition in support of this. Please sign up and ask parliament to change. http://www.justiceforjane.co.uk/campaignaims.html

The Bail Amendment Act (Jane’s Law) was announced in this year’s Queen’s Speech. Unfortunately the MOJ can’t say as yet when it will become law.

But the fight for Justice for Jane is not over. Jane’s parent’s John and Penny are still fighting for justice. They want judges to be made accountable for their actions, and they want tissue and organ donation to be offered to families.

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