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Many people believe that pineapples grow on trees.  They believe this because at some point they have either assumed it or someone told them so.  They have probably accepted it as fact for many years and never bothered to do any research about it, because if they had, one thing would be very clear.  Pineapples don’t grow on trees, they grow on the ground, or on bushes.  Google “do pineapples grow on trees?” – you won’t be alone.

But why are pineapples relevant?  There is a very simple reason, the pineapple can be an analogy of rape.

Many people think that they know about rape – where it happens, who it happens to, and why it happens.  They think they know the frequency, the levels of violence and the levels and consequences of trauma.  But have they done the research, or are they just assuming?

Whilst the growing habits of pineapples doesn’t really have an impact on most of us, the lack of knowledge of rape can be devastating.  It leads to blame, it leads to guilt, it leads to lack of care, lack of convictions and often more crime.

Learn about the pineapple if you like, but first learn about rape.








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