25% of Reported Sex Crimes Not Recorded

Today we had the news that 25% of reported sex crimes have not been recorded, by the police.  This on top of the increase in reported sex crimes shows that the Savile effect is still continuing and that people are no longer too scared to come forward.  It may also imply that sexual violence is on the increase.  Not all forces (Services) are not keeping accurate records, but for a quarter of cases to be ignored it implies that a significant number are. There are several reasons given for this failing, but it is not good enough.

Rape and sexual violence are very significant crimes, they are very detrimental to the victims, and by ignoring the problem it will only get worse.

At the same time we have seen the rise of trolling, particularly with threats of rape and much of that is directed at those who make a stand against sexual violence.  What we need now is more investment, better investigation and more convictions for these crimes.




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